Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You were wearing quite a number at the martian petting zoo eating purple colored peanuts from a hippo sized balloon

Hippo-sized balloon.

So very good squared. The refreshing tune is paired with hilariously ridiculous lyrics that paint the most entertaining spacey picture. There our singer is, "sitting on an orbit floating off in space" when the "pretty purple top-hat" of the one who we can only assume is his love-interest, hits him in the face. It's okay though, because he has a crush on her and pays quite a bit of attention to her (we might even call it stalking) when he sees her at the martian petting zoo. Ultimately, however, the love is reciprocated. They are joined at the hip, holding hands and staring at submarines, and then taking each others hands (it is unclear whether or not they had let go previously) and crossing the sea (a dangerous feat when attempted alone). "Aaaaaahhhhh a-a-a-a-a-a-aaaaaa-aaaaahhhhh."

PS- I severely doubt that this is the legit vid for the song, but it's entertaining nonetheless.


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