Tuesday, April 27, 2010

EPID Live Again!

Ready yourselves for concert photos & regalement. Sufficeth to say, for the time being, that Elvis Perkins in Dearland puts on a damn good show, with brass marching through the audience, feet stomping, a very hoppy percussionist, swaying & rock-n-rolling bromances, and the lovely & intense vocal stylings of the talented Mr. Perkins.

"I'll Be Arriving" stole the show both nights, although the emotion behind Perkins' "Ash Wednesday" (a song about the loss of his parents), was definitely one that should not be dismissed (particularly at the Friday night show).

As I told Kinsey, the EPID drummer, I hate it when they leave. My soul, and excuse my emotional investment, reacts to their music as it would a Lost Love.

And man, oh man, it truly is better to have loved.

And in this case, I do believe I will continue doing so for evermore.


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