Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mumford Magic

I, my friends, am on a concert high for the first time since my last Elvis Perkins concert (and I have been to quite a few concerts since then, let me tell you). My day (yesterday) started with a near-overdose (if such a thing is even possible) of Mumford and Sons on ipod repeat. My friend and I had been looking forward to a live show of this band, as we considered it evident from their album that they would be awe-inspiring live. And so they were.

King Charles opened with pants much too tight, but music that was clearly worthy of the first opening spot of our beloved M&S.

Then came Cadillac Sky, a band of big-boned, incredibly bearded men from the middle-of-nowhere states + Texas. Marcus of M&S came out to drum-assist for a song, getting the crowd ready for what was to come.

And then Mumford and Sons took the stage. The began the night with "Sigh No More," the perfect opener to their album (which, by the way, is the best-arranged album since Modest Mouse's Good News For People Who Love Bad News).

Of course the fact that they have been touring for 2 years worried some that the show might not be as amazing as I was expecting. However, other than a few fleetingly pooped looks from Marcus Mumford following certain strenuous blow-out songs, it seemed clear that they were honored to be there and happy for the love they were feeling from the crowd.

I can't go into any more detail than this as I need my sleep for work tomorrow, but I will attempt to edit with more detail (and concert photos!) when I have a bit more time. As I plan to indulge in the details later, I thought I'd share with you one of Mumford and Songs old compositions, which was neither performed at the concert, nor was it on their last (and first) album. New fans should not miss out on this just because it pre-dates their appearance on the charts:


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