Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Elvis Perkins Once Again

It's time have yet another session of homage-payment to the one and only Elvis Perkins. Here are two absolutely necessary tracks from his solo album, Ash Wednesday:

"Moon Woman II"

"It's Only Me"

Every song on this album is great, just like every other song Elvis Perkins has written, but the studio version of "It's Only Me" is worth a listen, as the entire album is worth a purchase.

Perkins is the first artist in a long time that I've been so into. I refuse to listen to his music on anything less than Apple Lossless CD import quality, & only thru my Bose headphones if it's coursing thru from my ipod. As little of the quality as possible should be lost when listening to his stuff, because his music is 100% haunting in its beauty, and not a microscopic measurement of his music's depth should be dampened.

If you can catch Perkins in Dearland live, it's awe-inspiring.

I know it sounds creepy, or at the very least unhealthily OCD, but trust me it's healthy, and when you hear "While You Were Sleeping" high quality, you might cry and wonder why you've gone so long without such goodnessforyoursoul. It's a total relaxer, soul-refresher. Elvis Perkins (in Dearland) is the sonic equivalent of a fresh breeze, quenching the once-antsy thirst of your mind.

Too much? I'm sorry...don't be frightened.


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