Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soundtrack for your studious enjoyment:

By 9 am tomorrow, I will be B.A. certifiable. It wasn't easy. I've been running on nap-juices after having pulled 3 allnighters in a row, with little sleep per night before that. I can't tell you how many double shot espressos, red bulls, and other proven-useless goodies I've done in the past week. That's right folks, according to some studies, if I hadn't taken naps, I would have been the mental kind of certifiable. After a night of mild hallucinatons and repeated 1/2 second noddings over my books, I turned on some techno to keep myself awake. It worked like a charm. I am SURE that some of you, my imaginary readers, are or will be soon going through finals periods of your own, so I thought I would provide you with 2 pieces of music to help you get through it:

The Stay-Awake song:
Here's a techno piece. It's "No Static" by Bottin. I'd never listened to techno before, but a tecno-geek / study-buddy of mine was playing some stuff and I found the urgency of the beats he was playing to push me along. From my limited experience w techno I've come to the conclusion that a lot of it is about different textures, and it's much harder to know what to expect w a techno song outside of the beat itself, because the sounds and ornamentation is always changing. The consistent surprise will hopefully keep your brain working just enough for you to stay awake without getting distracted by lyrical music...Another friend and I were talking about the following theory: it's possible that while listening to lyrical music your ability to write is diminished because the language part of your brain is also working on the lyrics. This piece, "No Static" by Bottin is meant to be your lead in to techno world for studying purposes. Careful tho, some techno is too trancey, so if you play the wrong song you might end up zoning into nothingness, which is the opposite of what you need.

The take-a-break-and-relax piece that will inevitably be relevant to your tired situation:
This one's a surprise. Or it would be if it didn't say what song it was on the embedded youtube vid down there. Listen to it on your's a lovely, calming piece that is also amusing in its relevance.


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